School Lunch and Snack Ideas with Shopping List

by | Sep 7, 2023

Happy September If you are in the Northeast, you may have just gone back to school this week. Here in Florida, we are already a month in. And let me tell you, I am already sick of the mental load of planning nutritious kid-approved lunches.

So this week I did a huge brain dump of all of my kids favorite school lunches and snacks. And then created a shopping list to buy them. And I am offering them up to all of you! You can find them on the brand new 3DaughtersDIY Etsy shop here.

Quincy Market
Quincy Market

Also, I would love to add more digital downloads to my site and am planning on a daily planner, budget planner, budget tracker, cleaning schedule, and packing list. what else would you add to the 3DaughtersDIY Etsy shop?

Best, Melissa and Girls

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