Painted Arched Headboard

by | Aug 7, 2023

Hello from Florida! It is August here and unbearably hot and, unpopular opinion, the worst time of the year. When the temperature is well into the 90s, my girls spend the summer jumping from one body of water to the next. I spend my summer inside in the AC working on projects.

When we decided to convert our loft to an extra bedroom for my middle daughter, I knew it needed to be just as extra as she is. In discussions of what she wanted, we landed on a boho jungle theme. Easy right?

Looking on Pinterest and Etsy, we fell in love with this arch decal. What I didnt like was the $100+ price tag. I mean how hard could it be to make with paint? It turned out, not hard at all!

Painted Arch Prep

My daughter currently has a twin bed but we are planning on upgrading to a full in the future so I sketched the arch for the full space. I used the Etsy decal image as a guide with painters tape to make 4 vertical lines. I wanted it to show pretty well behind the bed and any future headboard so the middle is 4ft tall.

The real fun came with making the arch. I dug back to my middle school math days and used a nail and a ribbon tied to a pencil to make a perfect circle. I would definitely instead using twine and a thumb tack but it got the job done.

Quincy Market

Painting the Arch

Painting the large vertical sections was fairly straight forward. I also took take at angle for the top sections so I could quickly paint as much as possible with a large brush or roller.

To get the perfect arch, I followed my pencil line with a kiddy paintbrush and short strokes. It’s not perfect but looks pretty great.

Quincy Market

For paint, I was able to just squeak by with sample cans doing 2 coats. You may want to grab pints to have more room for error and a 3rd coat.

Union Square Donuts
Kane's Donuts

And that was it! Check out my next post for all the boho decor we added to her room and as always, tag me on instagram at 3daughtersDIY if you give this a try. 


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