DIY Lifesize Barbie Box

by | Sep 21, 2021

By Melissa Moyles

Come on Barbie, Let’s go party! are you throwing a theme birthday or maybe looking for a fun Barbie costume for Halloween? Look no further!

Last month, I went to an annual church Bingo fundraiser with my mom friends. This is no ordinary fundraiser though. The prizes are designer purses and the tables go all out for the themes! This years theme was “The Originals” and my table decided to be the original doll, Barbie!

You all know I will find any excuse to DIY so I immediately volunteered to make a lifesize Barbie box. Here are all the steps.

Barbie box step 1

Step 1: The Box

If you follow along on Instagram, you saw me dumpster diving for this huge bathtub box. My parents live in a brand new community and there were a ton to choose from. A refrigerator box would also work great!

step 2 Barbie box

Step 2: Wrapping Paper

I found the perfect hot pink wrapping paper. It was a little unwieldy to wrap but I found using glue instead of tape helped keep it looking tight.

Barbie box step 3

Step 3: The Face

I grabbed foam boards from Dollar Tree and cut them as seen above. I then taped them together and wrapped them with the same pink paper.

Barbie box step 4

Step 4: The Decals

My friend had a cricut and was able to find the logos online. We cut them out of poster board and glued them right to the front.

step 5 Barbie box

Step 5: The Outfit

We all chose a different doll and I lucked out with 80s Barbie. I actually saw Christian Vordy wear this outfit on instagram and had to copy the whole look. You can find the track set here, bum bag here, bra here, socks here, and sneakers here.

And that’s it! The box was such a hit at Bingo that I think every attendee took a picture in it. I even had someone offer to buy it from me for their daughters birthday! I didn’t want to haul it home so I gave it to my Sister in law instead.

If you give this DIY a try, let me know and tag me on instagram @3daughtersdiy.

Best, Melissa and girls

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