Delivery Driver Treats

by | Dec 2, 2021

Delivery Driver Treats
By Melissa Moyles

Ho ho ho, Happy December! If you’re like me, you are deep into the season of holiday decorating and gift giving. This year I have done both almost exclusively online which has led to deliveries multiple times a day. My poor dogs!

But seriously the real hero this season are delivery drivers, ie Santa’s Helpers.

Many of my friends bless these drivers this time of year with treats and drinks. Here’s an example of my friends porch.

porch treats box for delivery drivers

I just love this idea! However I live in the woods and the raccoons would enjoy the treat before Amazon ever could so I had to be a little lazy – er creative.

In came Starbucks gift cards to the rescue! At the beginning of December I grabbed 10 $5 gift cards. I printed out a cute sheet and had my girls tape it and the cards to our front door.

note on front door for deliver drivers with Starbucks cards

putting Starbucks cards on front door

This is our 2nd year and it has been a fun way to teach giving to my girls as well as bless our hard working delivery drivers.

delivery driver note and Starbucks cards on door ready

Click here for the free Santa printable and et me know if you try this!

Happy Holidays! Melissa and Girls

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