Scrap Wood Christmas Tree Shelf

by | Nov 4, 2021

By Melissa Moyles

Last month I bought a new Ryobi miter saw and have been itching to do all the wood working projects. With scrap wood in my garage and Christmas coming up, I thought I would give a tree shelf a try. Mine was loosely based on this inspiration:

Scrap wood Christmas tree shelf

Like I said, it was my first try so I wanted to to work within my comfort zone which was common board, 45 degree angles and brad nails.

wooden Christmas tree shelf


  • common board
  • brad nails
  • white paint


  • miter saw
  • hammer
  • clamps

Board cuts:

  • 9in x 4: one side 45 angle
  • 9in x 2: both side 45 angle for top
  • 14in straight
  • 18in straight
  • 24 straight

I also cut a few Christmas trees using scrap wood and the same 45 degree angle. These were just nailed together with brads and I will definitely try to improve upon them. they were painted with leftover gold spray paint and pink paint from my daughters room to match my office decor.

I hope this was helpful! Tag me in your projects.

Best, Melissa and Girls

Christmas tree shelf, wooden

wood Christmas tree shelf

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