DIY Dollar Tree Playhouse Flower Boxes

By Melissa Moyles

The playhouse refresh continues!

After we made these adorable scrapwood shutters (check out this blog post!), we knew some flowers were needed. This is also a playhouse so I wanted to keep it affordable. Enter Dollar Tree!

It took about 20 minutes of ambling but I found the perfect items: metal wide planters, hooks, fake flowers, floral foam, and potting soil.

The hooks came with screws and were super easy to attach to the thin metal planters. Ideally next you would insert the floral foam but I realized this a few days later and had to reassemble. Whoops!

With the floral foam in, fill halfway with the soil. Next, measure the height you need for the flowers and snip with wire clippers. I repeat snip with wire clippers – scissors will not work! Once you get the flowers looking good and full in the foam, top off with more soil.

And that is it! This took 10 minutes to do and added such a fun color pop to the now white playhouse.

If you try this DIY, tag me on instagram at 3daughtersDIY.

Best, Melissa and Girls

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