DIY Wooden Ball Mirror

by Melissa Moyles

I fell in love with this mirror from West Elm. But the price tag – eek!

Cloud Ball Mirror

I ran across a story on Instagram from Remingtonavenue where she created her own version with a cheap mirror and wood 1/2 balls. I figured if she could do it, why not me?

Materials Needed:

Step 1:

Wood Glue the balls to the mirror. I found it easier to do a long line and then just add them.

Ideally, you could remove the plastic from the mirror but I didn’t mind how it looked together.

Step 2:

After the glue dries, painter tape paper over the mirror and spray paint the balls. I had white spray paint in my garage but anything would work fine.

Let it dry and appreciate your beautiful new mirror! Let me know if you try this easy DIY. Tag @3daughtersDIY on instagram.

Best, Melissa and Girls


  1. Tarot of the Missing says:

    That looks great


    1. Thank you! It was cheap and easy to make too!

      Liked by 1 person

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