DIY Fireplace Mantle

DIY Fireplace Mantle

By Melissa Moyles

 Happy November Y’all! Lot’s of home décor projects this fall and this is probably my favorite.

First off I love my fireplace. LOVE IT. It is stone and goes from floor to 20ft ceiling. Every few months I get a hankering to white wash it but have never pulled the trigger. I also have always wanted to make the mantle stand out a bit more and FINALLY took the leap.

I had seen a bunch of examples on Pinterest where homes with light fireplaces went with dark wood mantles.

But since I have natural stone I wanted a lighter wood mantle. I googled and pinterested (is that a word?) and decided a slide on mantle box was my best option.
A couple trips to Home Depot and $100 later, here is what I got:

3 pine planks
screws8 small L bracketswhite paint (I used Behr Clay Dust)clear matt spray paint
ToolsMiter Sawclampsdrillsander

As this was a little awkward to do solo, I brought in my favorite helper – My Dad! He was a rockstar with all the cuts as I notoriously cut too short.
After I measured the length and width, I put together a box using screws and clamps without the face to make sure it could slide on. Success!


To ensure there were no screws showing on the face, I used 8 L brackets connecting to the top and bottom from inside. Some wood filler over the screws and a lot of sanding and voila!

For color, I didn’t want to fully cover the beautiful wood grain of the box but also wanted to tie in the living room built ins and kitchen cabinets. So I grabbed the built-in paint I had in the garage, Behr Clay Dust, and created a white wash. After it dried, I sprayed on a coat of Rustoleum clear matte spray paint.

This project was super simple but made a huge impact to my living room. Let me know if you make your own!

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